35VPN in 20 countries worldwide
All plans include ALL VPN locations!
Be Anonymous and encrypted
Enjoy internet freedom with high grade (2048bit) data encryption and personal data protection. Use public WIFI and online services without risks.
sstp, pptp, l2tp, openvpn included
Many ISP's block VPN traffic. Microsoft's built in SSTP uses the same kind of traffic as any of the millions of secure websites and can be used even on the most heavily screened networks.
Partner program

Our partner program is very simple. When someone signs up through your partner link, you will get 15% of all their spending on our site. You will continue to receive a commission after their each and every renewal for as many years as they choose to stay with us. With a little work you can build up a sizeable portfolio that will provide you with a continuous stream of revenue for years to come. 

Reseller program

We have a full web based reseller interface where you can set up as many accounts as you want. You will receive a minimum of 30% discount from our list prices and you can sell VPN packages to your local client base in your local currency at your own price point.

Not only individual pricing is available for larger volume, but we can set up special packages (VPN accounts on our US, or EU servers only or on a single server) that we will be able to discount even further.

For full intergation into your website we provide a secure API. Alternatively you can manage and sell your VPN plans with WHMCS using our USAIP module. This will fully automate your VPN business.

Dedicated server owners or operators and dedicated server providers wanted

We are always looking for datacenters or dedicated server providers whose terms of service allows VPN. We don't need a full server, but can run our service in a VmWare container (VmWare server is freely available and can run on most linux and Windows distributions without affecting any existing service) so you can also apply if you have a server with an already pre-established business and are looking for additional utilization and revenue.

Our payment terms are individually negotiated for each provider, but usually one of the following 2 options or their combination is selected:

1 - We pay a fixed fee for the dedicated server or VmWare VPS
2 - We set up our service on your server and give you the technology and web tools to set up your own VPN accounts ... as many as you wish (this can include accounts on our other servers). In return you agree that we can sell VPN accounts to your server as well.

Note, that running a VPN service presents different risks from a regular web service. Our VPN technology is fully prepared to deal with those, including:

- Outgoing spam filter
- Bot traffic filtering
- Portscanning block
- IRC block
- P2P block

We also take care of logging, if your jurisdiction so requires.

We can further reduce your risks by allowing you to filter your client base based on geographical location or activity history.

Fill out the form below to apply as a reseller or partner

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We will respond to all applicants as soon as possible, but in no more than 2 business days.

List of confirmed VPN compatible ISP's
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